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Dear All Customer, We from PT.MITRA TRANS CARGO, introduced himself as International Freight Forwarders Company & Commercial Importers domiciled in Jakarta and we are ready to help all who need relating to the Customs, Undername Import - Export, Domestic and Transportation of goods to all parts of Indonesia and International. As a base of support to meet all customer needs, then we already have as well as completing several permission required betweenother: - Customs Registration Letter ( SRP / NIK) - Importer Identification Number - NPIK ( Toys, Elektronic, Garments, Footwear and Equipment other foot) - IT ( Iron Steel, Toys, Elektronic, Garments, Footwear and Equipment other foot) - - NPWP, SIUP, TDP & Notary Act - Sub Area Chamber of Commerce & Others As for our Products and Services among others: - AIR & SEA CARGO SERVICES - IMPORT SERVICE AND Customs Clearance - Internation COURIER SERVICES - DOOR TO DOOR SERVICES - DOMESTIC SERVICES - EXPORT SERVICES - Consignee / UNDERNAME SERVICE - ALL - IN SERVICES The operations of our company import customs clearance service - Port of Tg Priok ( Jakarta) - Port of Tg Perak ( Surabaya) - Port of Tg Emas ( Semarang) - Port of Panjang ( Lampung) Regarding the Import of Goods or Services expenditure other selected, amplified by the MOU for the creation of a stamp duty common law of confidence and strength. So we hereby Introduction, Up attention and working with him, we thank you. THANKS & REGARDS, JON MARIO / Mobile : : 0815-8416 9554 E-mail : jon.exim@

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